Over 700 cats, saved… as opposed to being a cat collector

Over 700 cats, saved… as opposed to being a cat collector admin ajax 1 80x80
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January 11, 2017
Over 700 cats, saved… as opposed to being a cat collector admin ajax 2 80x80
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February 4, 2017
Over 700 cats, saved… as opposed to being a cat collector admin ajax

Here we would call it Noa’s syndrome (Noah’s Ark). I wonder, did I catch this terrible disease?

At the time I write I have over 10 cats and my level of stress is quite high because the surroundings are

  1. Not cat friendly and
  2. It´s wild wild west out there: with foxes and unfortunately some wandering dogs from some uncivilised neighbours.

And there may be a 3. reason: I always knew cats in a flat. And that sleeping, napping lion has just nothing to do with my wild tree jumpers, territorial fighters etc and etc…..

Except for Bagheera and Lilith, all other cats were either born in the streets or at least that´s where they were found.  The idea of taking everybody to a flat is quite crazy and I only foresee this possibility in moments of extreme frustration. That is when they are threatened most of the time, I must say, by their own attitude. They are curious animals. Some are wise enough to stay, here in their fenced protected space-but open garden. But guess what? A lot of my cats love the neighbours place much better, either to hide and sleep or to play and sprint. The garden is much more spacious and free of any small garden architecture that may obstruct wild rallies.

So many cats with outdoor access and behaviour with my mindset is quite strenuous.

Anyway the point of this post was to talk about this incredible woman who is caring for 700 cats. Obviously this an established shelter. There is a big difference with my situation. And that´s why I am considering Mumcat as a project, not only a personal website.

A shelter, muuuuch smaller indeed.
But something established.

Which means being recognised.
As opposed to acting in the shade.

Being recognised, and therefore somewhat understood brings some sort of relief in this “fight”. In addition your work is respected.
And that is priceless.

It is so easy to tag me crazy cat lady just because I have helped and ended with more every year.
But the work is the same.
And the cash comes from my pocket.

Never mind, the project is slowly shaping and turns around some ha of land and some prefab lots, and obviously a lot of work to afford my dream.

So that Noah´s syndrome is no longer a disease but something that becomes bigger and better. Something respected, like a long lasting and helpful project. And that´s what I am aiming at.

Watch this great video or read this article (french), get inspired!

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