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August 22, 2016
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This is the first post.
I started working on this site yesterday. Mumcat came to my mind a long time ago. But only these days and under very sad circumtaces do I know its purpose. Talk about cats and how difficult it is for humans to simply accept their nature.

vivons heureux, vivons cachés

Today is August 19 another hot summer day in Spain. Most of the cats are in the shade for a nap.

Two are missing. For ever.

Athena (originally a street cat) went missing in June around the 10-12 and Fenix (bottle fed) came back badly injured on tuesday evening of last week.

The injury looked bad but not as bad as what I saw at the vet. Basically he had been bitten and shaken (do foxes shake their prey??). He was missing all the pereneal skin and… actually all from waist down and part of the tail the skin was lose. Therefore dead, therefore to be removed.

He was euthanised the next day despite a positive forecast.

The blood exams showed his liver had suffered shocks but this was healable with hospitalisation and all resources made available. I was supposed to collect him 24 hours later with daily treatments and care of the massive wound.

Unfortunately he started chocking in the afternoon and spilled water and blood. Vet said things went so quicky their only solution was to put him to sleep to end suffering as quickly as possible. And I thank them for that.

I miss my baby Fenix I miss my so thankful Athena.

And I hate my neighbours because their dogs are outside most of the nights or early morning now, when I sleep and can´t do much. They don´t care. They are stronger.


I built a fence around this rented house 2 years ago. I am the only crazy one to live in the middle of the wilderness and have my cats locked in. And the ones that I cannot keep in because of personnality issues with others, are simply IN DANGER.

Uncivilised neighbourhood: if I had tigers, would you leave your loved (are they even loved?) ones out???


This is the first post of this site. It will not always be sad. But I do not promise only happy-silly kitty-chat. This is real here. As real, as life and death.

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