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  1. Cat food, deworming and anti-flea treatments are a must have especially in large cat house holds. Your help will primarily go there..
    We are looking for a new home to be able to accommodate the outdoors cats in a safe environment. Any donation can help even a note saying, I know of a place.... We are in Spain, I am sure there must be a wonderful cat friendly spot awaiting..
    We have special needs cats. One Felv., one Fiv and a cat who develops carcinomas. Right now all is under controls but you may want to give to them primarily. Let us know. If you have donated, drop a note here: contact page.
    Apologies for the icon... :) but it is an obvious one for the spaying and neutering. We always have new cats showing up. We don't just feed them we also spay as many as we can.
    The annual vet visit is around 80 Euros with blood tests. For some of the cats we need further eco or scanners and so it easily goes beyond 200 Euros. Any amount helps of course.

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