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With your donations you will help us rescue another street cat (even a so-called feral), We take all required steps that help connect the future cat pet with his forever family. All cats are spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
The cats health history is of utmost importance. Their future adoptants will learn about the real health history of their adopted companion. We believe, a total transparent information is crucial for the future health of the cat.
Not only if it has tested positive in FelV or FIV but also if calcivirus, herpetovirus or any other virus has been detected during the several medical exams and/or in siblings, when it proceeds. All pets will come with a up-to-date passport and a behavioural notice. This later, again, is of high importance to us. It will help the pawrents integrate the cat in the best possible way.knowing his likes and dislike.

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The law in Spain, is currently enforcing the microchipping and sterilisation of domestic animals and limit ownership up to 5 cats and 3 dogs.
Unfortunately, in matters of cats, the mentalities have not evolved enough. In countrysides the cat population is still growing.saturating some places..
.A lot of our cats come from such a natural environment.
While they are 100% adapted to leaving in the wild, it is our belief that for a better cohabitation with us, the human species, it is better to control cat population. Not only to protect them from outdated mentalities but also and foremost to help them enjoy a decent life, free from pregnancies and territorial fights.
We have hope than one day they are considered one of our best companion and not a nuisance.