Some ways

you can help


Make a donation

There are no small donations. Every dime counts!
Feeding appropriate food and food supplements when needed. External and internal parasites' treatments and litter, easily amounts up to 600 Euros a month.

Spaying a female cat is costly even when we go thru seasonal programs, over 240 Euros which includes microchipping and antibiotics. We do care a lot and all the trapped cats are tested. They receive preventive parasite treatment so that when they are released they are protected for some time and can go healthier than before. That's an additional 60 Euros but so necessary. Next will come the vaccines.


Foster a cat, help with his/her socialization

Often times, cats can miss their opportunity because they might be seen as aggressive or shy from a human perspective. We now know both behaviours are a form of protection. A cat can feel threatened in a number of situations or with unknown people. In addition, when having to share the same roof with other feline, one more timid cat cannot really show it's true nature. Fostering a cat is key. It is a stepping stone for this feline to become who he truly is. A lot of cats do not do well in shelters or in multi-cat household. Giving them a home, be it temporary, makes a big difference and facilitates adoptions.
Another type of cat that also needs a home, are those just recently rescued from the streets where they came from with injuries or illnesses. These cats cannot be returned to a life threatening environment. At the same time, they are not ready for adoption. A good foster home will work on sociabilization. A key step towards adoption. These homes are real life saver and so scarce.

Shy cats to foster

How to become a foster home:


Contact us to apply for the Foster Care program


Attend an information session and complete your application form


Have your property inspected for suitability


Become a foster carer and make a difference to animals in need

Being a foster carer gives rescue animals a chance to live in a loving home where they can recover from trauma, work to overcome fears and fully express their personality in a safe space. Being a carer is the best decision I've ever made.
Become this person - contact us!

The word of mouth

Donations help and are key, of course. However there is one way to help enormously, that is often unforeseen, the word of mouth. It works, no matter where you are located. Cats too benefit form a good marketing network. To publicise our work, helps a lot as well.

The shelter is constantly looking for a better place. You can help us find that haven. Spreading the word that we do need to find a fitting spot with some green areas so that our "claustrophobic" cats can thrive.

It will help us do a much better job. Give more felines the opportunity they deserve.

We're looking for people who can:

help us buy from wishlists

You can gift the cats with food and treats, litter, toys, dewormers, anti bug treatments and so many other things. you can find them on our amazon wish list.. Different things at different prices. Anything helps. For people in Spain we also have a list in Tiendanimal

Donate for vet bills

Every month we have vet bills to cover for.  Become a Patreon for a recurrent monthly donation. Members have access to podcasts, lives and the full picture of what is happening in the house..
Paypal is also available.

Become a patreon and sponsor a cat

While Spain, you can come and visit the cats.
Write a review on Google,  tell your friends about our work. Small shelters lack resources for social media. This will help boost our visibility and result in finding fosters and good forever homes. No help is small or vain.

Visit Mumcatorg and rate your expirience

The cats and their carer have moved many times. And once more we are looking for a place to be able to work with cats that are not ok with being indoors.
Mumcatorg needs your help in finding a place that has safe outdoors space.  

No matter where you are, you can help!

Any ideas, Contact us!