I have a dream

It's August 2022 as I write this and my cats or protégés are doing great,.
the work to make Mumcatorg legal is in progress.

As I write this and work behind the scenes, my social media activity is close to zero.
The people who know about us and what we are going thru since many years, know nothing about what's cooking.
I really can't wait !.

One must take a step back to take a big leap.
And that's where stand now,
The mind is full of projects and ideas.

I want to create a cat sanctuary.
Not a shelter. A sanctuary is more in line with how these guys lead their lives.

And so yes I have a dream., a big one.

If you discover this page then you have an inquisitive mind and might be able to help.
A sanctuary requires a natural space filled with trees and green grass.
A place to crash for naps in total safety and some headquarters for the human to run the place.

It could be a B&B for catlovers in the long run, as way to make finances land a dream. But more than anything a sanctuary where cat survivors can heal physically and mentally.
I know for a fact that cats heal better in natural surroundings if their health allows, of course.

Spain is large and certainly be a place where such haven can
host a wonderful magic forest.
filled with feline dwellers..

Far from turmoil and wars.‍

7 July 2022
Mumcatorg creation, draft documents
10 July 2022
Members and roles
4 August 2022
Received revision for Statutes
10 August 2022
All member sign statutes of Mumcatorg