The cute and fluffy also need to be rescued

First contact with Ivan

This is my first encounter with Ivan. He was sweet and sociable so I didn't really think further. I went for a carrier and brought him home to begin his quarantine and all further steps to make him ready for adoption. Which happened before the end of April.

His bad fortune turned into good fortune with a little help from his beautiful appearance.

It is quite the way humans work, to be attracted to beauty. But even the beautiful fluffy and healthy ones deserve a home. Specially when they are that social. Emphasis on social here!

He definitely was a bit worried at the first with the vet visits but eventually he got used to it. And the last ones, even if he was being vaccinated, where already something he had somehow gotten in his system as the new normal.

After his quarantine I thought he would be free to roam with the others, alas I discovered that he had some antagonisms towards black and white cats, hence Pandy. That he wanted to measure against John-John and that it was truly fun to chase Mikka.

So he spent more time with me and less with the cats. But I could tell however he was a cats' cat.

I was a bit worried that he might not get along with his future bro tho.

At this stage, I had made contact with another association that is state owned and asked them to publish Ivan. It took only 10 minutes to receive the answer that he was being reserved.

And that's about all ! He really seemed to like Finn but I could not let them be together. And he really really liked playing crazy with strings and feathers and that's what we did for the remainder of his days at Mumcatorg.

On April 21, he traveled to his forever home. Shortly after I received a cute video of him being kissed by his adoptive brother.

And that's it. Two happy cats in their forever home.

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