Max is adopted

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Max adopted

young Max

Max was adopted back in September by a very nice lady.

The month was just enough time to have him ready for his trip scheduled on October 13.

He is also another cat that will depart to Germany where I believe people are a little bit more cat friendly. If the cat takes such a long trip it is not for fun, I am plenty aware of that. The is to ensuring the cat will be taken care of from day one to it's last. We really want definitive adoptant.

And so the long trip started yesterday and I believe that by now he is with his mom.

As you know cats hate being deplaced and Max only had me for all this time. However he is one sweet boy that will land on his four paws quickly when he realises there is only love and cuddles awaiting.

A hicup

In the midst of his preparation we discovered he was Fiv positive. One too many fights probably because he was never immunodeficient at any point in time.

That did not change the adoptant's mind. We simply did further testing and a needed teeth cleanse. A series of antibiotics followed by vitamins to boost this big guy and Alles in Ordnung!

Well now I am only hoping he leaves behind the memories of these scary past 24 hours. And I will hug him messaging his moma!

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