Penny's brief stay

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Penny shows up

Never ever seen before in the village Penny comes out of the little cat door of my garage the moment I come back from one week in hospital.

She has one eye injured and looks like she could use some affection. Of course, she does not want any of the males close. I just observe and go home. Later in the day she leans against my legg as I feed some yummy meet to my usual customers.

And that's when I decide to actually do something.

She spends that afternoon around my car, but as said, I'm just out of the hospital and I'm taking things easy. Later she will disappear. So the next day I'm on a mission to find her, at cat hour. And I find her and almost easily, she she brought home into the cat carrier. Almost no complaints either.

She is in her quarantine room for a few days while we wait for the vet appointment. I am worried about the eye that I thought initially lost because covered in some yellow goo and almost closed. But the kitty is quite easy, she will never hide, she will never hiss. So we cuddle on the bed. I just want her to know that everything is ok. The marks on her face make me think of that series I likes so much, Penny dreadful. And so a few days later she is Penny.

She will feed and not play but cuddle. Everything awesome. She has this tiny voice at times when enough is enough. And the vet day she is just so perfect. They do an echo because of kitten suspiscion but nope. As per the eye two types of drops will do the trick. And it did.

The next weeks it's all about completing the long quarantine, being neutered, vaccined and keep working on the eye and some extra socialiasing which, with other cats never worked. As per with the lady being the rescuer, and Penny knows that well, she is hers!

So I was told that there was a foster home available in Barcelona who had just got free. And we made arrangements.

Since mid September Penny is with several humans and no cats. Just what she needs.

And she awaits her definitive and forever family.

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