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It's been a long time

Since I've been able to post here. I usually go for the easy IG post. Time is of the essence in my house a "quick thing". I hope who ever reads this, will understand.

Rosendo and the catmom
Rosendo and the catmom

It's to a point I sincerely want to invest in some cams for them to just tell our story.

But of course all is about money. Recently I had other priorities.One of them was to create the association.

MumcatOrg is

So now I can say that Mumcatorg has a provisional ID and hopefully by January we can be 100% legal. I think once it is official, as opposed to, provisional, we will feel safer.

Feeling in danger

The reason for this creation was motivated by the recent changes in laws in Spain. Not that I am going to take more cats or care differently for the ones at home and under my care in the vicinity. No, I really needed to establish Mumcatorg to protect the guys that are currently around my house and therefore visible.

It is just so easy to report you by just a random person that may not understand why there are cats at your door.

This is not safe for me here but at the time I got this house I was happy and thankful for having a roof over our heads again. It's a long story.

People reading this may be aware or not that you are rarely seen as anything more than a cat feeder.

This is so not it. Feeding is the easy part. All the cats in my house and around, the steady ones, are spayed. And wherever we will go they'll come too. They are family.

I am feeding a couple more to get close enough and friends enough to be able to get them in a carrier. I have no trap and have always managed to make friend. I hate that part but this is so key for the next chapters.

Anyway, go tell people out there what an arduous job it is. So yes once more I find myself the target of retarded and uninformed minds. Hence Mumcatorg had a need to be.

It took months between the wording of the statutes, the finding of all the necessary info and so many other things involved. To help and support me tho, I had two people that are also part of the association. I've seen things shift in their mind too as I've left the crazy cat lady role behind to become the president of this association. Funny how things work.

What does the future hold?

This is probably a question most people have in the currently worldwide situation. It did feel like swimming upstream for sure, but that is something a rescuer does from day one. No idea is the answer. For sure I have big ideas and big plans and I would love to be a safe haven. And therefore the word sanctuary comes in mind.

Not here tho

It is impossible for me to create further while in this place. It will 3 years since I signed the contract here and unfortunately all has been a huge struggle and so many losses.

I cannot have every cat inside. In my life I have met a vast majority of cats, even my own, that do not belong to an essential indoors world. And I have so many of them inside because otherwise I would lose my mental sanity.

It's a long story this one, and this is not the place I want to explain, turning this into a huge post. I don't know... I am thinking maybe I could tell the story. I am right now still running after time and trying to give a bit of insight on our life, in a way it doesn't remove time. So while sweeping and feeding and playing all of this is going on in the back of my mind.

Very honestly for now the easiest would be a couple of cams and lives.

I don't know it is not the priority for the moment.

Heads up on the future

Bati at feeding time.

For now I want to focus on finding a more decent place for the majority of them. A place where being outside is not dangerous. Even if it means a fence, a couple of separations etc. All that would be grand. But of course it requires a lot of money once more.

Me taking the car to investigate places. And a lot of energy. And that is really difficult to rebuild when you live in a constant stressful place.

I truly hope the establishing of Mumcatorg can help. I am currently doing some marketing for my little business, even if non-profit!

Social media has not been kind to us these last two years. So one must use more old-fashioned recourse, is it ? Another task to my daily routine and another new skill maybe for my cv.

Before I forget. There is a patreon account ... not very visible it seems and so I have decided to give it a try to Ko-Fi as well.

Hopefully we can reach more people and they can help us attain the goal of finding our forever haven.

Here it simply doesn't work. I cannot go on like this with so much stress.

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